[VIM3] 5.14 certified reference material

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reference material, accompanied by documentation issued by an authoritative body and providing one or more specified property values with associated uncertainties and traceabilities, using valid procedures


EXAMPLE Human serum with assigned quantity value for the concentration of cholesterol and associated measurement uncertainty stated in an accompanying certificate, used as a calibrator or measurement trueness control material.

NOTE 1 'Documentation' is given in the form of a 'certificate' (see ISO Guide 31:2000).

NOTE 2 Procedures for the production and certification of certified reference materials are given, e.g. in ISO Guide 34 and ISO Guide 35.

NOTE 3 In this definition, “uncertainty” covers both 'measurement uncertainty' and 'uncertainty associated with the value of a nominal property', such as for identity and sequence. “Traceability” covers both 'metrological traceability of a quantity value' and 'traceability of a nominal property value'.

NOTE 4 Specified quantity values of certified reference materials require metrological traceability with associated measurement uncertainty (Accred. Qual. Assur.:2006) [45].

NOTE 5 ISO/REMCO has an analogous definition (Accred. Qual. Assur.:2006) [45] but uses the modifiers “metrological” and “metrologically” to refer to both quantity and nominal property.



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