[VIM3] 2.44 verification

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provision of objective evidence that a given item fulfils specified requirements


EXAMPLE 1 Confirmation that a given reference material as claimed is homogeneous for the quantity value and measurement procedure concerned, down to a measurement portion having a mass of 10 mg.

EXAMPLE 2 Confirmation that performance properties or legal requirements of a measuring system are achieved.

EXAMPLE 3 Confirmation that a target measurement uncertainty can be met.

NOTE 1 When applicable, measurement uncertainty should be taken into consideration.

NOTE 2 The item may be, e.g. a process, measurement procedure, material, compound, or measuring system.

NOTE 3 The specified requirements may be, e.g. that a manufacturer's specifications are met.

NOTE 4 Verification in legal metrology, as defined in VIML [53], and in conformity assessment in general, pertains to the examination and marking and/or issuing of a verification certificate for a measuring system.

NOTE 5 Verification should not be confused with calibration. Not every verification is a validation.

NOTE 6 In chemistry, verification of the identity of the entity involved, or of activity, requires a description of the structure or properties of that entity or activity.


ANNOTATION (for Example 1) (informative) [5 June 2014] By "measurement portion" here is meant amount of material, of proper size, for measurement of any quantity of interest, removed from the reference material.



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