[VIM3] 1.30 nominal property

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property of a phenomenon, body, or substance, where the property has no magnitude


EXAMPLE 1 Sex of a human being.

EXAMPLE 2 Colour of a paint sample.

EXAMPLE 3 Colour of a spot test in chemistry.

EXAMPLE 4 ISO two-letter country code.

EXAMPLE 5 Sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide.

NOTE 1 A nominal property has a value, which can be expressed in words, by alphanumerical codes, or by other means.

NOTE 2 'Nominal property value' is not to be confused with nominal quantity value.


ANNOTATION (informative) [3 December 2013] Nominal properties are distinguished from quantities, which are properties that have a magnitude, that is, they can be compared in terms of greater or lesser.

ANNOTATION (for Examples 2 and 3) (informative) [3 December 2013] While colour of a paint sample is sometimes considered to be a nominal property, it is also recognized that a pure colour can be characterized by the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation, which is a quantity that can be measured.



2 Measurement