[VIM3] 2.12 conventional quantity value

conventional value of a quantity, conventional value
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quantity value attributed by agreement to a quantity for a given purpose


EXAMPLE 1 Standard acceleration of free fall (formerly called “standard acceleration due to gravity”), gn = 9.806 65 ms−2.

EXAMPLE 2 Conventional quantity value of the Josephson constant, KJ-90 = 483 597.9 GHz V−1.

EXAMPLE 3 Conventional quantity value of a given mass standard, m = 100.003 47 g.

NOTE 1 The term “conventional true quantity value” is sometimes used for this concept, but its use is discouraged.

NOTE 2 Sometimes a conventional quantity value is an estimate of a true quantity value.

NOTE 3 A conventional quantity value is generally accepted as being associated with a suitably small measurement uncertainty, which might be zero.


ANNOTATION (informative) [1 December 2014] Here "quantity value" can be replaced with "value" without ambiguity: "value attributed by agreement to a quantity for a given purpose".



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