[VIM3] 1.23 unit equation

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mathematical relation between base units, coherent derived units or other measurement units


EXAMPLE 1 For the quantities in Example 1 of item 1.22, [Q1] = [Q2] [Q3] where [Q1], [Q2], and [Q3] denote the measurement units of Q1, Q2, and Q3, respectively, provided that these measurement units are in a coherent system of units.

EXAMPLE 2 J := kg m2/s2, where J, kg, m, and s are the symbols for the joule, kilogram, metre, and second, respectively. (The symbol := denotes “is by definition equal to” as given in the ISO 80000 and IEC 80000 series.)

EXAMPLE 3 1 km/h = (1/3.6) m/s.



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